Becoming a Real Estate Agent in St George, Utah

Expect an initial cost of about $2,000 and 3 to 5 weeks of full time schooling (120 hours).

Step 1
Make sure you meet the minimum requirements in Utah to be a real estate agent. Those requirements are as follows:
a) Be at least 18 years of age at the time of application with the state. You can start this process when your 17. You just won't be able to get your licence till you're 18. 
b) Have at a minimum a High School diploma or its equivalent.
c) No felony convictions in the last five years.
d) No misdemeanor convictions involving fraud, misrepresentation, theft, or dishonesty within the last three years.

Step 2
Evaluate how you will generate business. If you are sure you can be a lead generator move on to step 2. If you have any hesitation, at all, set an appointment to meet with Joe to discuss your options and evaluate your apptitude. 

Step 3
Sign up for real estate school. We prefer Praedo. The cost is $400 and It can take up to five weeks of full time schooling (120 hours). I have seen some complete it in as little as one week. At the end of the 120 hours you will need to pass a practice test. This test can take up to 4 hours and you may have to take it several times. 

Step 4
Schedule the Utah sales agent licensing exam via Pearson VUE in Las Vegas. Sometimes you will have to schedule this a couple weeks in advance. The examination fee if $66. 

Step 5
Apply for a license with the Utah Division of Real Estate. The cost is $152. So far the total is up to $618. 

Step 6
Pay your Washington County Board Realtors dues. This is prorated from the beginning of November. Total cost is $1,031. So if you signed up on March first your cost would be about $690, with another $1,031 due by November 1st. 

That is it, now you are ready to start learning about real estate LOL. Some agents catch on right away. Most agents will take a year or two to learn the ropes and start making six figures.