Why Giddy Digs

Giddy Digs is an independent brokerage. This is important because as a small nimble company the big box brokerages just can not keep up with us, especially when it comes to technology and automation. If we need to, we can change everything overnight. 

As an agent with Giddy Digs you get the following:

Full Featured CRM: The best lead generation CRM in the industry. With some of the options listed below. 

Auto Dialer: featuring call recording of incoming and outgoing calls from your computer or cellphone.

Automatic Action Plans: Includes text messaging with mail merge and voicemail drops.

Set up of Automatic Prospecting: We will create Facebook custom audiences, with your current databases, to keep you in front of them all over the web.  Monthly newsletters that we go out to your top soi members because we realize that up to 90% of a good agents business comes from past clients and referrals. 

Leads : For every two transactions an agent closes they are eligible for a fully qualified lead from Giddy Digs. 

I know what your thinking, "We must want 30% of your commissions", Nope, we are actually the lowest in the industry.

We let you create your own commission split. 
Split Calculator

Step 1

If you have questions visit giddydigs.com/contact/appt/ and make an appointment to meet with Joe.
Or call 435-255-8888. If you are ready to move forward, go to step two.

Step 2

Log into RELMS https://secure.utah.gov/account/log-in.html and request that your  license be transferred.

Now let Giddy Digs and your current broker know that you have submitted a request to have your license transfered. It won’t be transferred until both parties have approved it.